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Hello. You have accessed Luisa Lassaque's website. Luisa Lassaque is a Buenos Aires-based, English-Spanish / Spanish-English translator graduated at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Although her university major was Law, she is also proficient at translating Philosophy, Botany, History, and Sociology.
Luisa has also excelled in the translation of numerous books, films and documentaries. You are invited to click on the "Books Translated" button, where you will find a list of her works.
Luisa has translated the latest two books written by James Petras, a well-known name in the field of Sociology and Politics.
But Luisa is a human being as well as translator. You will find a whole section in this site devoted to her two hobbies, gardening and cats.
You are most welcome to browse this site. Please, make yourself at home. And if after visiting all the sections and the buttons you are prompted to retain her services as a translator, you will make the best decision ever. Working with her is an experience worth repeating.
Teléfono: 4567-3140 - Celular: (15) 3807-7927 - E-mail: luisa_lassaque@yahoo.com.ar - lassaquelf@gmail.com
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